Better Access = Better Health

We believe that the key to better health is better access. Better access lies at the intersection of scheduling and communication.

Our Story

Relatient’s Dash® platform combines best-in-class patient self-scheduling and centralized scheduling with modern two-way patient communication tools to provide better access for patients, better utilization for providers, and better outcomes for all. 

We are an award-winning healthcare technology company delivering a mobile-first approach to better patient scheduling and engagement. our SaaS platform, Dash®, adheres to gold-standard security certifications and integrates with leading practice management systems and Electronic Health Records to deliver turnkey patient self-scheduling, centralized provider scheduling, messaging, chat, digital registration, check-in, and payment acceptance. As a result, Relatient clients experience better results including increased patient revenue, greater operational efficiency, more new appointments, reduced no-shows, higher patient payments, and improved patient satisfaction. 

At Relatient, we help thousands of U.S. medical practices and health systems across all 50 states communicate with more than 50 million unique patients to increase scheduling efficiency, optimize provider utilization, and provide a better patient experience.