Better Engagement. Better Revenue.

At Relatient, we believe that the key to both better patient outcomes and better patient revenue is better patient engagement. When patients are more engaged, they are more likely to book and keep their appointments which creates a win-win for patients and providers.

Personalized Patient Communications = Better Patient Engagement.

Dash Engage empowers healthcare providers to engage patients in the way they prefer with a dynamic, multi-channel patient messaging engine that includes a best-in-class patient chat solution for one-to-one patient texting.

With Dash Engage, healthcare providers realize better patient engagement through one-to-one messaging, appointment reminders, recalls, no-show communications, surveys, patient balance messaging, and population messaging to bridge gaps in patient access and ensure patients get the care they need.

Secure Mobile Chat

Appointment Reminders

Patient Recall Campaigns

Broadcast Messaging


Patient Payments

Seamless Patient Scheduling = Better Patient Scheduling

Dash Schedule enables healthcare providers to bring order and ease to the chaos of patient scheduling by improving patient self-scheduling and optimizing provider capacity with a rules-based, guided user experience for both provider staff and patients.

With Dash Schedule, healthcare providers can leverage both consumer-friendly patient self-scheduling and centralized scheduling on one platform to organize, automate, and optimize the complexities of scheduling. Practices can set their own unique rules and preferences to optimize their schedules and drive measurable improvements in patient appointment volume.

Self-Service Scheduling

Centralized Scheduling

Appointment Confirmation

Virtual Waiting Room


Referral Intake Acceleration

Digital Patient Registration = Better Patient Intake

Dash Intake helps healthcare providers simplify pre-registration paperwork to optimize the patient intake process and enhance the registration experience.

With Dash Intake, healthcare providers can streamline the patient forms and check-in process and get rid of pesky clipboards, manual data entry, or finicky kiosks. Dash Intake offers configurable digital forms that ensure providers receive correct information from patients before each appointment, collect upfront payments, and provide patients with the privacy and convenience of using their own mobile device.

Pre-Registration Forms & Consent

Pre-Arrival Check In

Insurance & ID Card Collection

Patient Payments

Mobile-Based User Experience

Partnerships / Integrations